Teaching & Mentoring

Courses taught

Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Akron

  • Foundations of Physiology Lab I, Fall 2017, 2018
  • HerpetologySummer 2018
  • Digital Skills for Biologists (combined undergraduate and graduate course), Spring 2018, 2019
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I, Summer 2017
  • Principles of Biology II Lab, Spring 2017, 2019
  • General Ecology, Fall 2016
  • Biomimetic Design (combined graduate and undergraduate course), Fall 2016

Students and professor, Dr. Francisco (Paco) Moore, from the University of Akron Herpetology class during Summer 2018. Course included field trips to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Kelleys Island, and Mohican State Park.

Guest lectures

  • Gecko Biology and Adhesion: Beyond Saving You Money on Car Insurance, Biomimetic Design, Fall 2017
  • The Gecko Adhesive System: An Adaptation for an Arboreal Lifestyle, General Ecology, Fall 2016
  • The Gecko Adhesive System: A Sticky Solution for All Sorts of Problems, Biomimetic Design, Fall 2016

University of Akron Biology undergraduate students, Alex Tomasko, Alexis Schnarrenberger, and Austin Keith (left to right), present posters of their honors theses in the Second Annual Norbert Thompson Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Undergraduate Students

Austin Keith, Biology Undergraduate (1 manuscript in preparation)

Alexis Schnarrenberger, Biology Undergraduate (2 manuscripts in preparation)

Alexandra Tomasko, Biology Undergraduate

Alexandra Pamfilie, Biology/Psychology Undergraduate, Tiered Mentoring Student (1 experiment in progress)

Caitlin Wright, Biology Undergraduate (1 experiment in progress)

High School Students

Benjamin Sprenger

Nyle Garg

Undergraduate mentee, Austin Keith, presents a poster of his honors thesis investigating the effect of running orientation on gecko locomotion at the SICB 2018 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.