Teaching & Mentoring

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Akron

  • Foundations of Physiology Lab I, Fall 2017
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I, Summer 2017
  • Principles of Biology II Lab, Spring 2017
  • General Ecology, Fall 2016
  • Biomimetic Design, Fall 2016

Guest lectures

  • Gecko Biology and Adhesion: Beyond Saving You Money on Car Insurance, Biomimetic Design, Fall 2017
  • The Gecko Adhesive System: An Adaptation for an Arboreal Lifestyle, General Ecology, Fall 2016
  • The Gecko Adhesive System: A Sticky Solution for All Sorts of Problems, Biomimetic Design, Fall 2016

Undergraduate mentee, Austin Keith, presents a poster of his honors thesis investigating the effect of running orientation on gecko locomotion at the SICB 2018 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.


To date, I am mentoring three undergraduate students on three different projects during my doctoral degree. When these studies are complete, these students will later become co-authors on future manuscripts.

Undergraduate Students

Austin Keith (1 manuscript in preparation)
Alexis Schnarrenberger (1 manuscript in preparation, 1 experiment in progress)
Alexandra Tomasko (1 experiment in progress)